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Frequently asked questions:

What if I haven’t done this before?

No worries! That is what the BW Design team are here for, we will do our best to make the development of your new website as painless as possible.

What is custom design?

A custom design refers to the look and feel of the new website, our design team will take your feedback and interpret it to create a new web site for you that is uniquely yours

What is Open Source?

Open source is the name given to development code that is not owned by a single business, rather it is owned by a global community of developers that contribute and maintain it. For you the end user the good thing is there are no ongoing license costs other than those associated with hosting.

How do I update my new website?

The content management systems (CMS) we use at BW Design are easy to use. We don’t leave you to sink or swim though, we are here to help.

We offer an introductory training session as part of the project and are always available at the end of the phone or email to talk you through any challenges you may be having.

I know nothing about SEO, does it matter?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does matter, ensuring your new website is built correctly and contains content that will take advantage of search engine indexing is a key consideration when developing your new website.

Fortunately the team at BW Design can provide guidance on how to effectively take advantage of SEO best practice on your new website.

What are my hosting options?

As your new website will be built on an Open Source platform, it can in reality be hosted any where.

One thing to consider however is that not all hosting is equal, cheaper hosting plans generally mean you will be sharing a webserver with 1,000′s of competing websites, at BW Design we do offer our own competitive hosting plans, key features include:

  • Onsite Backup
  • Offsite backup
  • No storage limit
  • 24×7 montoring using the Server Monita solution

How does the 100% money back guarantee work?

Once you have decided that you would like BW Design to build your new website, we ask you to complete a short feedback questionnaire, provide us with your business name and logo and a deposit.

This initiates the BW Design process, we then complete the initial design concepts for your new website.

These are then tabled with you for feedback, based on the feedback you provide we refine our designs and submit again for approval.

At this time, if whatever reason you feel that BW Design is not the best partner for you on the new project we will happily repay your deposit and agree to go our separate ways.

We are confident that this won’t happen – we know what we are doing, however it does give you control of the process and will help alleviate any concerns you may have before embarking on the project.

What happens once the project finishes?

The delivery of the project does not end our involvement with you (assuming you want it), we work closely with our clients on an ongoing basis, keeping them informed of new web thinking and assisting when required with refinements to their website,. We will offer the same exceptional service to you.

Do I need a domain?

Before the new website goes live we will need to register a domain.

If you have one already this is great. If not the BW Design team can help identifying a suitable domain for your new website that aligns with your business, Once identified we can arrange for its purchase and ongoing management.