To make this usually painful process as simple as possible for you and your business, we have developed the priced packages for you to select, which allows you to know exactly what you’re getting for your money and for us to get on with our work without constantly hassling you and knowing exactly what needs to be done. Your involvement in the process is limited to:

  • We receive your package selection and some initial feedback in the form of a simple questionnaire
  • We ask you to provide us with your business logo (if you don’t have one we can help with the development of your brand – just let us know)
  • Based on the information provided our design team will create an initial design concept for your review and feedback
  • We incorporate your feedback into a second and third iteration (if required), at this stage we have generally nailed the design for the new site, we can of course refine as required
  • Then design is signed off by you and we begin development

With minimal involvement you can continue focussing on your businesses day-to-day tasks but with our 100% money back guarantee, you can continue knowing that you are in safe hands.