Development Best Practice

At BW Design, we don’t believe in cutting corners, hard to believe when you consider the price we offer for our packages! What we do have is a slick development methodology, The differentiator between the skills offered by our team and those of a large number of pretenders is our experience. We understand business, we understand the web and most importantly we know how to combine the two to provide terrific cost effective outcomes for our customers.

You Own it!

We love Open Source technology, we are firm believers in allowing our customers the choice of who they work with when their new website is delivered. Open Source solutions allow this, there are plenty of website developers who will try to sell you into their proprietary CMS, these are owned by the web developer, never by you. If you aren’t sure ask a simple question:

“If I decide to move support to another company, can I take my whole website with me (not just content)?”

There are a number of key benefits offered by Open Source a few are:

  • Global team of developers contributing to available functionality
  • Global team of developers focused on ensuring security of solutions
  • Expertise of a global community developing solutions to address current business challenges

Depending on the package you choose we will decide to build either your new website in WordPress or Drupal, there are pros and cons to each, our expertise will determine which is best suited to your requirements. The great thing about both of these CMS solutions is the functionality we are able to leverage as we deliver your site

Extended Functionality

Both Drupal and WordPress offer the ability to extend functionality relatively easy in the future. You are not “painted” int a corner when you choose to develop your new site with BW Design, we can enhance as required.

In addition custom features can be created if the functionality you are seeking is unique to your business.

We can’t wait to get started, get in touch today and let’s get the project started!