Mobile Friendly

IResponsive Themet doesn’t matter who your target market is, who your site visitors are likely to be, it is a given that the number of visitors to your website utilising smart mobile devices will continue to increase over the coming years. It is a frustrating experience when you visit a site and are unable to read content or navigate cleanly due to the site not displaying correctly on the mobile device.

A mobile theme is not a parallel mobile website, which were common 5 years ago, a responsive theme is a new theme (controlled with cascading style sheets CSS) that targets specific screen resolutions. We detect the screen resolution of the device being used to view the site and adjust the website layout to optimise the user experience.

Responsive Experience

Doing this well takes experience, the BW Design team have been building responsive themes for nearly two years, we know what is involved and the potential pitfalls to avoid.

As part of your new business website a responsive theme is delivered, so you know your new site will view correctly on all device screen resolutions.